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50 Best Photography Website Examples for Inspiration

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This is a list of 50+ photography website examples to give you some inspiration in setting up your own website.

So if you’re looking to build a new website or redesign an existing one to showcase your photographs, you can take inspiration from these amazing examples and implement them in your own site.

I have taken the time to put together some really creative, really inspirational photography website designs in this post. I’ve done this because I know that building a photography website is tough.

There are many competing design elements and you’re trying to do something visually appealing without wasting any space.

This is especially true if you have tens of thousands of images in your collection, which most photographers do, but you still want to create your own site that features all of these.

So let’s now start with the examples…

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1. Peter Fisher

Minimal style, clean look, and a grid layout are what precisely describe this photography website by Pete Fisher.

The website has a clean white background and two photograph columns are presenting the artist’s work on the homepage. The photographs are quite intriguing and the website has a very sophisticated look. 

Made With: Squarespace

2. Meiwen See

The website features a soothing and clean look. The background of the homepage is a shade of green and the homepage features Meiwen’s work and everything he’s captured under the sun. 

The professional photographer usually captures interiors, editorials, people, and weddings. Moreover, he’s a designer who combines both his skills to help you with branding. 

Made With: Squarespace 

3. Haris Nukem

Haris Nukem is well-known for capturing unique moments that stand out. The artist is also renowned for developing photographs that highlight a vital message. 

The skilled photographer’s work has been featured on various websites and you can check everything out by tapping on the press tab on the website. 

Made With: Format

4. RyuCreative

RyuCreative is a female-led company based in LA. The marketing agency excels in providing clients with social branding, PR, and creative design. The website has a very calm look and feel, and its aesthetics are incredible. 

Made With: Squarespace 

5. Levon Biss

A photographer based in London, Levon Biss has an authentic style and he creates photos of insects impeccably. He uses micro sculpture to make these photos, and his work is incredible. The website’s homepage features astonishing images of different insects. 

Made With: Squarespace 

6. Pedro On The World

Pedro on the world is a website by Pedro who is a skilled photographer with an amazing portfolio. Pedro’s imaginary skills are commendable. The website is filled with soulful images that are captured by Pedro. 

Made With: Squarespace 

7. Peter McKinnon

Not just a photographer, Peter McKinnon is also a videographer and Youtuber. The artist is based in Toronto, Canada. The website has a very artistic look and the homepage’s background is plain white.

Made With: Squarespace 

8. Mike Kelley

From architecture to airplanes, Mike Kelley is known for clicking images in the most incredible ways. 

The website has a sophisticated yet colorful look as it has images of different architectures and planes. 

Made With: Squarespace 

9. Liller Photo

Liller Photo is a website that revolves around family gatherings, weddings, and engagements captured by Lauren, a photographer based in Chicago. 

Just like the photographer herself, the website has a soulful, and fun vibe. The overall look of the website is clean.

Made With: Squarespace 

10. Adrieana Blazin

The website features sharp and amazing images of different animals taken by Adrieana. The website has a classic black & white vibe as most of the images have a focus on these two colors. The website gives out a very loud and classy impression. 

Made With: Squarespace 

11. Brandi Toole

Brandi works as a wedding photographer and her website features all the candid, and happy moments captured from different weddings. 

The website looks pleasing to the eyes, and it portrays this brilliant photographer’s work in the most classy manner. 

Made With: WordPress

12. Lieben Photography

Beautiful backgrounds with people enjoying their moment, Lienen Photography is a website that features Synnove’s work in the form of family, newborn, and wedding photography. The portraits are breathtaking and the website gives out a very intimate vibe. 

Made With: WordPress

13. Kayla Fisher Photography

Kayla Fisher Photography is an incredibly unique website that features loving images of couples captured in their happiest wedding moments. The overall look and feel of the website reflect warmth and creativity. 

Made With: WordPress

14. Sanz Lena Photography

Sanz Lena Photography has a clean and plain white background accompanied by a classic font. The website features images revolving around the beauty and fashion niche. 

Made With: Format

15. Mathieu Stern

Mathieu Stern is a professional filmmaker and photographer who loves the art of experimentation. The photographs on this website reflect his nature of experimenting with vintage as well as new age lenses. His photography is extremely unique and has deep meanings to it. 

Made With: Squarespace 

16. Emilee McGovern

Emilee McGovern’s website has a full-screen background on the homepage and it features two different links. One link leads to her photojournalism portfolio and the other link heads to her editorial portfolio. The website is colorful and stands out from regular photography websites. 

Made With: Squarespace

17. Grace Chuang

The website’s homepage talks about Grace Chuang, as she introduces herself to the viewer. All the pages of the website have a white background and feature different photography projects that she has worked on. 

Made With: Squarespace 

18. Marvin Lei

The website showcases two columns for displaying the photographs neatly clicked by Marvin Lei. The website features a clean layout and design and it also has a plain white background. 

The homepage has a full-screen background that has two links. One link takes you to his portfolio and the other redirects to his Instagram profile. 

Made With: Squarespace 

19. Mile Nagaoka Videography

The website portrays Mile Nahaoka’s commercial work and documentaries including photographs and videos captured by him. The artist offers freelance services and his website is based on a black background. 

Made With: Format

20. Julia & Gil

The website has a minimal layout and design. Gil & Julia work as a team and they boast about being the “anti-cliche wedding photographers and videographers”. They love to capture different versions of people deeply in love. The overall look and feel of the website is classy and clean. 

Made With: WordPress

21. Amelia Allen

Amelia Allen captures portraits, documentaries, and everything related to fashion. The website is extremely beautiful, colorful, and aesthetic. 

Made With: Format

22. Cassandra Ladru

Cassandra Ladru is a website that features the photographer’s editorial, wedding, lifestyle, and fashion work. The website has all the timeless and romantic images that the photographer has clicked. 

Made With: WordPress

23. Dan Kennedy

The website has a white background. It features the portrait photographs clicked by the photographer on the homepage. 

Made With: Squarespace 

24. Brandon Woelfel

Based in NYC, Brandon Woelfel is a talented photographer who has a very aesthetically pleasing website. 

The homepage of the website has a full-screen image with links to his portfolio and Instagram handle. The website also features details about the photographer’s book named Ultraviolet. 

Made With: Squarespace 

25. Danilo and Sharon

Danilo and Sharon are all about photographing weddings in the most beautiful manner. The photographs bring out the essence of colors and joy naturally and gorgeously. 

The photographers hold experience in advertising and fashion, and their talents are reflected in the website portfolio. 

Made With: WordPress

26. Tffy DeJesus

From light and bright, to dark and wild, the website features all sorts of images majorly revolving around fashion. The website has used multiple fonts and it has a very fresh and clean look. 

Made With: Format

27. Luke Bateman Photo

The website is filled with cool and awesome photos of musicians while playing, jam sessions, and portraits of musicians with their instruments. The overall vibe of the website is edgy and fun. 

Made With: Format

28. GUBI

A perfect blend of traditional and modern innovative designs captured authentically can be found on GUBI. The website has a fresh and decent look and the photographs are versatile in their vibe. 

Made With: Squarespace 

29. Adam Bird Photography

A creative and visionary portrait and wedding photographer, the homepage of Adam’s website features interesting, sharp, and beautiful images clicked by him. 

The website has different pages for portraying different projects completed by the photographer. One of the pages has the Harry Potter series which is exceptional, and magical. 

Made With: Format

30. Coran Gleed

The photos on this website project the photographer’s passion for adventures and nature. The images are simple and beautiful, yet mystical and powerful in their own sense. 

Made With: Squarespace 

31. Sean McCoy

A well-renowned filmmaker and photographer based in Washington, Sean McCoy is known for his exceptional artistic skills that are reflected through his photography. The website features his vast portfolio as the professional artist has also worked with several popular companies in the past. 

Made With: Squarespace 

32. Eric Ryan Anderson

Eric Ryan Anderson’s website has a clean and sophisticated layout and design. The website has a white background and the UI is good because it uses a basic menu for navigation. The photographs have been highlighted on the website as they are the center of attention. 

Made With: Not Recognized

33. JUCO

What makes stand out is the extremely crazy, awesome, and colorful portrayal of images filled with some colors. The homepage of the website features all of these images. 

Made With: Kentico

34. 5-Year Bike Trip

As the photographer set out a 5-year bicycle travel adventure, the website features aesthetic, and astounding images clicked by him while he rolls on the cycle. 

The website also has a column describing his reasons for starting this amazing journey. The website has a fresh look and unique vibe. 

Made With: Squarespace 

35. Giles Clement

This website is all about creative photography. The website uses full-screen images and unique designs. The website beautifully showcases the photographer’s work. 

Made With: Squarespace 

36. Gavin Gough

Gavin Gough’s website has an altogether different vibe to it. The photographs on the website are not basic, rather it portrays photographs with various themes and stories attached to them. 

Made With: Squarespace 

37. Dolly Ave

A photographer who has worked with several high-end brands such as Adidas, and Reebok among other popular companies, brands, and artists, Dolly Ave has a very edgy style of capturing everything. The website features her fun and cool portfolio. 

Made With: Squarespace 

38. Frank Gomez

This website features Frank Gomez’s wedding photographs. The photographer has been in the industry for over 30 years and he has a classy style that gives his photographs an edge. The website also has a blog section where Frank shares his wisdom and experience related to the field. 

Made With: Squarespace 

39. This Wild Idea

This website has a light background and a very minimal and clean look. The homepage of the website showcases several images that resonate with the website’s name, “The Wild Idea”. 

Made With: Squarespace 

40. Alessandro Casagrande

Alessandro Casagrande founded the BACCALA magazine. He’s Italian and he is settled in California. The website has a very different and soothing vibe. The website features the photographer’s portfolio and his book. 

Made With: Format

41. Morgan Norman

A splash page is used by this website. The website also has a large image on the homepage which is meant to lead you to the photographer’s portfolio. The website’s overall look is nice and clean. 

Made With: Squarespace 

42. Marvin Lei

From photographing people to Lens Ball Photography, Marvin Lei knows how to do it all with perfection. The website has a complete portfolio that includes photos that are not like anything you’ve seen before. 

His page also has complete information about the people he’s worked with in the past, and the gear he uses in the process. 

Made With: Squarespace 

43. Greg Ross

A clean design and a breathtaking look and feel are what describe this website in a nutshell. Greg Ross is a brilliant photographer and his website’s homepage has a slider that elegantly shows his work. The website is refreshing and soothing, to say the least. 

Made With: WordPress


This website is made by a media production company that has many videographers, photographers, and graphic designers working with them. The company works on many intriguing projects and all the details and work have been showcased on the website. 

Made With: Squarespace 

45. The Hearnes

Heard of adventurous elopement photography? That’s exactly what Callen and Abbi have been doing. The website is filled with a very crazy and adventurous vibe. It is fun to look at their portfolio on the site as it is not your basic wedding photography.

Made With: Squarespace 

46. Gemma Williams

The website features Gemma Williams work that ranges from wedding photography to family and couple photography. 

The website also features a blog where Gemma puts up advice related to photography and gives various wedding-related recommendations. The website is colorful and insightful. 

Made With: Squarespace 

47. Tayler Smith

Taylor Smith’s photography revolves around portraits, dogs, live events, and still life. The website is full of beautiful colors and Tayler’s portfolio includes images that are full of love and life. 

Made With: Squarespace 

48. Jen Huang Bogan

With large photographs on the homepage and a calming vibe, the website features Jen Huang Bogan’s work. The website is user-friendly and it has used a basic navigation menu. 

Made With: Squarespace 

49. Deanie Chen

With a focus on live music, sports, and lifestyle-based portraits, Deanie Chen’s website is filled with her beautiful work. It is easy to scroll through the website and it looks very good. 

Made With: Squarespace 

Photography Website Examples FAQs

What should a photography website include?

You may think that a website dedicated to photography would solely be about photographs, but a successful photography website should include other information as well like contact info, testimonials, portfolio, and about page.

What website do most photographers use?

Some of the best website-building platforms for photography websites are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Format.

What is a photographic website?

A photographic website is a website that showcases work by photographers. A photographic website is generally a showcase of an individual photographer’s work, rather than that of a particular organization

Should photographers have a website?

Absolutely! Having a website is a must for professional photographers. A website makes it easy to find your work and contact you. If you are portfolio-heavy, it also allows your clients to view your work at their leisure, rather than having to set up an appointment.


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