About WPEssentials.org

WPEssentials was started by Saksham Kumar. While Saksham holds an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communication, in his third year of college, he built his first blog (on SEO), and since then, he has made a few dozen websites and worked with almost all the popular website building tools in existence! Now, he mainly uses WordPress as his preferred website builder.

The goal of WPEssentials is to help users build better websites with solid foundational SEO (for search engines), amazing design, and great user experience.

WPEssentials templates are built from the ground up with all the latest design and web principles to help all the Elementor and Oxygen Builder users.

In addition to WPEssentials, Saksham runs a weekly newsletter (The SEO Letter) where he shares SEO tips and recommendations with marketers and site owners. He has also started SEO HandBooks recently where he writes short and practical guides on SEO.

For any questions, you can use our contact page or say Hello on Twitter!

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