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19 Best Beauty Website Examples for Ideas & Inspiration

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There are a lot of beauty websites out there, but the best ones offer something special.

They’re aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, they have a clear purpose and direction for the user’s interaction with the site, and they give you plenty of inspiration for your next look.

So let me show you some of the best beauty website examples out there right now for inspiration…

1. Salon Safari

Beauty website examples Salon Safari

Good content and great functionality must be a requisite for a good website. Salon Safari appears with high-quality pictures, decent typeface, and emphasizes the hierarchy of design. This website for the Beauty Salon impresses its visitors with such elements and an elegant appearance.

It also has stunning content that helps to convey its excellent services. This one-page site offers a great overall design and features which make the beauty salon company succeed. Visitors to this website seem to be able to make an online appointment easily.

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2. Eight Five Zero Salon

With beauty products of quality and experienced beauticians, your beauty salon can nicely grow. Also, a nice website even boosts and expands the business. 

Eight Five Zero Salon beauty website features a basic, minimal but elegant design. The site accommodates its visitors using an image slider with great and amazing images of beautiful women. 

Moreover, CTAs can generate better leads staying in good spots. It uses a static header to improve visitor retention to the site so that the menu is always available. Furthermore, the trendy effect of parallax enriches the overall look and feel of the site significantly.

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3. Jo Hansford 

With its clean, simple, and minimalist design, Jo Hansford truly stands out. The site looks nice and the items and the content are placed in the middle of the page. It uses the off-canvas on the main pages of the website for the menu. 

Jo Hansford appears to allow customers to directly purchase premium products from the website. As social media platforms are highly popular, Jo Hansford makes sure that its business network is expanded by taking visitors to their social media accounts. 

Video integration, blogs, and email newsletters are more ways to improve marketing. The website also shows the brands Jo Hansford loves and trusts.

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4. Muse Salon and Spa

In most sections of the website, Muse Salon and Spa have the striking and great parallax effect. It greets visitors with a large, grey image of a lovely model. The site then presents a gallery of good photos of the facilities of the salon. 

What else? Muse Salon & Spa spectacularly shows the products and services through images, short descriptions, and CTAs. It also displays the stylists and professionals in grey images in case the potential customers want to know the excellent team behind this beauty salon. The site also uses a sticky menu that would help to keep the website visitors.

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5. Versa Salon 

On the website of Versa Salon, the beauty services are very clear along with great photos of lovely women on the homepage. The strategy is good since most people are easily taken to pictures, which improves conversion rates.

 The website offers great services and decent offers and discounts irresistibly and pleasantly. It guarantees 20 dollars on the first appointment and 25 dollars for Aveda products if you refer to a friend. Is that not attractive? What else? The site quality has been improved by the review page, service lists, contact page, and others.

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6. Fringe Hair Salon

There are several reasons to state the fact that Fringe Salon is known to be the most popular website for hair salons. However, let us concentrate on the most essential information you need today. Starting with its intuitive design of the home page, the website you just landed on directly addresses hair as well as hair treatments. 

They also use a real-time picture from their salon, which also naturally introduces visitors to the salon. On the homepage, you will find a button named Book Now. Visitors to the website are invited to book their appointment immediately which incorporates their reservation system.

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7. Salon Sona

The Website features a unique and innovative design. It’s not difficult to impress the website visitors with such an excellent design with Salon Sona. Beautifully designed for the beauty business, Salon Sona greets and entices its visitors with the incredible effect of parallax scrolling. 

The beauty salon website is a one-page site with a cutting-edge design along with a split-screen where a left part is for the menu and a right part is for the actual content. 

Especially the big, clear, and lovely background gives the overall look and feel of this website a touch of grace and elegance. In particular, you can scroll horizontally through the image. Once you hover on their services, the Site also uses a fascinating and delicate animation effect. 

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8. MDG Salons

You must visit this salon if you want to be stress-free and relaxed for a while. Never fail to build your online presence if you own a beauty business. 

Visitors can check with the MDG Salon website for the beauty services they can enjoy. It uses a captivating slider that displays various images of beautiful models. The site uses simple and minimum content in particular. 

Showing real people testimonials can help transform prospects into customers. MDG Salon presents a clean mode of testimonials via a stunning parallax-background slider. The images at the bottom of the website also add an incredible look to the website.

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9. DBK Salons

To make a website successful and effective, a lot of elements such as a stunning design, visible typography, and broad, clear images can make a significant amount of effects. For creating an excellent website, DBK Salon uses a grayscale system.

Unlike other beauty sites, here, the label “Confident. Unique. Beautiful” welcomes the website visitors and attracts potential customers. The company also offers three different branches where visitors can quickly book appointments. In particular, a customer can choose the desired beautician, different services, timings, etc during the booking process. 

Also, the credibility of the salon is improved by the guest reviews that are available on the website. The site also includes the Instagram Feed to make it look more attractive and engaging for the customers.

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10. Zalonix

Zalonix features a lovely home page for the beauty salon website. It’s a smart online booking platform that helps to create a wonderful customer experience. 

Zalonix is super clean and nice and has a visually attractive, neat design that will impress the visitors. Zalonix looks quite eco-friendly as they use green as the main color of the website. 

Some of the most remarkable features include beautiful icons, enticing and informative CTAs, the hierarchy of design, and more empowering components. Zalonix also has a great price table.

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11. The Salon California

A beautiful ocean scenery video is presented to welcome the visitors of Salon California. The menu on the website’s header and the right sidebar features a cool navigation option. In essence, the site offers several options; you can avail of any online services, shift to the online shop, or book wedding services. 

Instagram posts are shown via gallery style in Salon California. Therefore, visitors can get a better idea of the company on this social media platform which may also increase marketing awareness. To improve the credibility and integrity of the Beauty Salon, Salon California presents the best team. Also, testimonies and a basic contact form are added to the site. 

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12. Salon 29 

Basic yet extensive, Salon 29 had to be included in the list of top beauty websites. The website presents its brand with a clear logo on its header along with a clear and large photograph of the salon, and its simple but significant tagline. The website includes testimonies from satisfied customers in addition to the other elements. 

Moreover, the display of the crew behind Salon 29 is also a privilege. The social media accounts at Salon 29 are also integrated into the website that is represented on the header by social icons. This is very convenient to the potential customers if they wish to check.

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13. Luxe Salon 

Professional websites can help build reliability and connections. The outstanding design and functionality of Luxe Salon truly stand out. The Luxe Salon is designed to inspire and encourage visitors to visit and enjoy the service that is backed by excellent years of excellence in fashion.

An accurate CTA, an inspiring headline, and a short description of what they offer give away a smooth business introduction. The vast range of services provided by the beauty salon also looks good with clear pictures. Other interesting sections of this site include reviews by customers, stylists’ presentation, their magnificent works, products, careers, and more.

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14. Altitude Salon 

In the design of websites, colors play an important role. It can thus help to recognize the brand and even distinguish certain elements. 

Altitude Salon is made of cool colors, combined with amazing images of grandeur. The Homepage is basic but attracts and encourages the website visitors of the Beauty Salon. In general, the privileges of the customer, when they trust Altitude Salon can be found on his homepage. 

This salon offers an incredible customer treat from 20 bucks for new customers to gift cards. The services, customer reviews, professional team, Aveda products, directions, online booking, and so on are other striking pages that you will notice on this website!

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15. Voila Salon 

Voila Salon wants its visitors to understand the company’s commitment to quality. This website appears to be presenting its brand with attractive videos about how it works. It features CTA on the site’s header and social media icons to provide different ways of connecting to the Voila Salon. 

The various branches of the beauty salon that offer related services are also included. Visitors will thus be able to easily visit these branches. The exhibition of their careers, awards, and social responsibility provides a touch of enlightenment that certainly adds to the site’s subtle animations. Voila Salon presents very informative and smart information without any hesitancy.

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16. Cuts and Bruises Barbershop 

What sets Cuts & Bruises’ website apart is the integration of rich content. You will see videos right on the website’s homepage, allowing visitors to amusing themselves in the salon. They have also included their social media feeds along with excellent imagery to allow potential customers to see what they can expect at the salon. 

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17. Butchers Eco Salon 

This WordPress-based website design is perfect for a brand that wants to provide all the information to the prospects in one go. The menu bar is incorporated with every essential detail that can be found, from the list of the services to the online appointment booking and much more. In the top-right corner of the website, the social media icons enable you to check their social galleries with just one click.

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19. Taylor Taylor London Salon Website

This site is designed with WordPress and displays the perfect blend of simplicity and rich content. The logo of Taylor Taylor London on the website is minimal, and the headline “Book Now” in the upper right corner of the page allows the appointment to be reserved with just one click. This design of the website is perfect for you if you want something basic, clean, and precise. 

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20. Mèche Salon website

The Mèche website exotically exhibits exclusivity, and it is made through WordPress. The homepage video provides a good view of Mèche salon and its services. The “Book an Appointment” option can be easily found on the website and allows users to reserve instantly without any hassle.

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Conclusion — Beauty Website Examples

The beauty industry is always changing, and it’s important to stay on top of the trends.

You may not be able to tell just from looking at a website, but there are many different factors that go into making an aesthetically pleasing site.

Just remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to creating a successful beauty business website. What works best for someone else may not work as well for you — so try out different designs until you find the ones that resonate with your brand’s voice and target audience!

I hope you find this list helpful in your search for inspiration!


Saksham Kumar

Designer, WordPress developer, and Marketer @ WPEssentials. Saksham creates and designs all the WPEssentials templates and writes on WordPress-related products. He also works as a freelancer and loves to help individuals, blogs, and brands establish their businesses online.

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