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How to Import and Export Elementor Templates in WordPress

Looking for Elementor templates? Check WPEssentials free and premium templates designed and developed for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, and freelancers.

Elementor is the only WordPress page builder which makes everything related to building a website an easy process.

Now, importing and exporting templates in Elementor is straightforward, but it can be confusing for first-time users.

So let’s quickly see how you can import and export all our WPEssentials templates in your WordPress website…

Import the Elementor Templates

Follow this method to import either a single template or a pack of templates…

1. Login to your WordPress website dashboard.

Note: Make sure Elementor is installed on your website.

2. Go to Templates > Saved Templates to import page templates.

3. Click on the Import Templates button on the top.

4. Select the downloaded ZIP file or JSON template file click on Import Now button.

And you’re done. The template will now be shown in your Saved Templates list.

If you have popup templates, you can upload them in the Templates > Popups section.

Similarly, for all the theme builder templates, Templates > Theme Builder.

Insert Elementor Templates Directly in the Page

If you’re working on a page, you can directly import a template within that page without going to the Saved Templates section.

To do that, follow these steps…

1. Go to the page on which you want to import the template.

2. Click on Edit with Elementor to open the editor.

3. Now you’ll see a grey template icon next to the plus icon. Click on that grey icon to open the template window.

4. In the popup window, click on the arrow icon on the top left, as shown in the image below.

5. Now select the .JSON or .ZIP template file and wait for a few seconds for Elementor to transfer all the content.

Once the file is uploaded successfully, you will be redirected to the My Templates section.

Now you can Insert the template directly into the page.

Export the Elementor Templates.

In Elementor, you can save any page or design as a template to import it and use either on the same or any other website.

This is really useful if you’re working on multiple websites, or you want the same design on multiple pages of the same website.

Now, to export the templates, follow these steps…

1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Templates.

2. Look for the template you want to export, then hover over it, and click on Export Template.

That’s it! The template will then be imported as a .json file in your computer.

If you’re looking to export multiple templates, you can select the templates from the list…

And then select Export Templates from the dropdown (as shown in the image below).

The ZIP file will then be exported.

If you don’t have any saved templates, you can first save the existing pages built by Elementor and then export them.

  1. Go to any page which you want to export.
  2. Click on the green arrow next to the publish button and select Save as Template option.
  3. Enter any name of your choice and hit save.
  4. Finally, hover over the saved template, click on the three dots, and select Export Template.

If you still have any questions, you can ask us in the comments below, or contact us directly from our contact page if you have purchased any of WPEssentials premium Elementor template packs.


Saksham Kumar

Designer, WordPress developer, and Marketer @ WPEssentials. Saksham creates and designs all the WPEssentials templates and writes on WordPress-related products. He also works as a freelancer and loves to help individuals, blogs, and brands establish their businesses online.

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