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Brizy Builder Review: What You Need To Know In 2022

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Brizy is a new WordPress page builder plugin. With the help of Brizy, you can create a website without coding. 

Just like other page builders, Brizy is easy to use, and just simple steps of drag and drop are enough to create a brand new website for your business or any other purpose. Launched in 2018, the Brizy Builder has been widely popular and used by bloggers, businesses, institutions, and other related fields. 

The best part about Brizy is that it is extremely user friendly, and it offers a wide range of tools to build a website that looks good, is efficient, and is attractive to people. With the use of some of the unique tools, you can also pull clients to your website. 

In this Brizy Builder review, let us find out about all the major and minor details about this comparatively new page builder in order to allow you to have a better understanding. 

Let’s dive right into it!

What Is Brizy Builder?

Brizy is a WordPress builder that has been launched by the same company that built Themefuse (premium themes) and Unyson (open-source WordPress framework). Although it hasn’t been in the market for so long, it has a user base of 70,000+.

This shows how popular it has become within such a short period of time. 

Brizy builder review

Brizy has an interface that is intuitive. It also has several features that are completely unique, and you cannot find them in other WordPress builders. 

There are two versions that are available in the market at this point — the free version of Brizy and the Brizy pro. Both of these platforms are loaded with tools that are unique and help you to create a one of a kind website for your needs. The plugin’s features act like icing on the cake, and they are exactly what make the plugin stand out from the crowd. 

Let’s hop onto taking a look at all the interesting features of Brizy and Brizy pro. 

Features Of Brizy Page Builder

The basic version of Brizy is equipped with all the features that are essential to building a webpage. These general features are present in both the free and the pro version of the page builder. 

Here is the list of features…

  1. The Interface: Brizy Builder’s interface is a simple one and resembles that of Elementor. If you have used Elementor (or any other page builder) before, then you will find it rather easy to work with this builder. The tools are present on the left sidebar. All of the tools provided are simple to use, and you can insert elements, change the page layout and rearrange the page’s look however you want. 
Brizy builder interface
  1. Elements of Design and Templates: The Brizy builder provides a wide set of designs and templates. In this builder, the designs are called elements, and to be precise, after the recent update, the Brizy builder has a set of 42 templates and designs for use. You can choose among these to enhance your webpage. 
Brizy layouts and templates
  1. Leads Manager: In the Brizy builder, you can create forms on the page itself. You can include around fourteen different fields in the form, including basic information and contact details. 
Brizy contact form builder
  1. Custom Template: In Brizy Builder, you can customize the theme of the various pages. This feature lets you design the different pages that appear alongside the main page, such as the 404 and archive pages.

Features Of Brizy Pro

The features that are available in the general Brizy Builder version are all included in the Pro versions as well. Alongside that, a number of other features have been included in Pro. Let us now see what they are…

  1. Mega Menu Builder: This is a feature offered in the Pro version of Brizy. To use this, you have to download a menu plugin, which is a built-in feature. To add any menu item, you have to simply click on the Menu options and add whatever option you want to. 
Brizy mega menu builder
  1. Header and Footer Editor: With the Brizy Pro version, you can add a Header and Footer Editor customized to your needs. In case your website has multiple pages, you need to create a global header or a global footer block. This will help in creating a pattern that applies to all the Headers and Footers that will appear on the pages. 
  1. Custom Fonts: This feature enables you to customize the fonts of the website. 20 fonts are already pre-installed in the builder, but you can install hundreds of more fonts as and when you need them. The reason why there are only 20 fonts by default is to put less pressure on the design tool.
  1. Social Media Integration: This is one of the features whose importance is increasing with each passing day. Social Media connection is extremely important for any web page during a time when social media marketing is the topmost business tool for PR and Advertisement. With the help of this tool, you can link the social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages that belong to the business or the organization. 
  1. Pop Up Builder: If you want to add a pop-up to your webpage, you need not worry about downloading a separate plugin to do so. The Brizy Pro builder has a pre-installed option for pop-up menus. You can design the kind of pop-up you want. Some of the trigger types that are supported by the Brizy Pro version are: on click, on-page load, on scroll, after inactivity, and arriving from.
Brizy popup-builder

Brizy Cloud: What it is?

Brizy Cloud is a platform that is hosted by the Brizy Builder. If you want to create landing pages, this is what you need. 

The Brizy Cloud platform helps you to land pages as easily as possible. This feature helps businesses to connect to the clients directly. Brizy Cloud provides a better set of features that helps you to launch landing pages almost instantly. 

If you are looking for a platform that can help you reach suitable clients faster and better, then choose the Brizy Cloud platform. Although this is an amazing feature to better the prospects in E-commerce et al, the Brizy Cloud platform is still under development. 

The free Brizy cloud does not provide with all the necessary tools for advanced page building. If you want a more professional setup, go for the Brizy Cloud offered by the Pro version. 

How To Install Brizy?

The Installation process of Brizy Builder is a very simple task. There are very few steps that need to be followed, which are almost similar to the process of adding plugins to WordPress… 

  • Step 1: Go to the Plugins option. 
  • Step 2: Select the Add New Search option.
  • Step 3: Type in Brizy in the search bar.
  • Step 4: Once you get it, click on Install Now.
  • Step 5: After the installation process is complete, click on Activate to activate your Brizy Builder.

After you install the plugin to your WordPress, you can try out the features that are available in the free version of the Brizy Builder. You will find a number of tools that will help you in building the webpage that you aim to create. There are options to learn about these features, and you can also contact the Brizy Builder team for any queries related to the Brizy Builder in use.  

Which Brizy Version Is The Most Suitable For You?

There are two versions that Brizy offers, the free access Brizy builder and the paid Brizy Pro. To determine the most suitable version for you, there is a need to assess the kind of work for which you need to build the page. 

If you are just starting off a small business or if you are an artist who needs to create an online portfolio, you can go for the Brizy Builder free version. These are simple websites that won’t have multiple pages. Hence if you need it for something simple, the free version is apt to start with. 

However, if you need to create a website with multiple pages, custom header/footer, and other advanced features, you should go for the Brizy Builder Pro. This version provides you with a bag full of extra features that will help you to create your intertwined website in a rather simple and easy way. 

Before making the decision for the Brizy version that you will choose, make sure to consider and tally the options that you have in hand. An analysis of your need is also essential.

Though Brizy is new in the game of page builders, it is a promising and continuously upgrading builder so you can get the best version that suits your purpose and get started on working on your project. 

Brizy Pricing Overview

The Brizy Builder offers the general version for free. The Pro version needs a subscription. 

Being a new website builder at its early stage, Brizy Builder charges a very minimal amount for a year-long subscription.

The most common subscription for the Pro version can be purchased for just $49 a year. If you choose this, you will have access to all the tools and elements that are provided by the Pro. You will also be able to support three websites at the same time.

If you are a professional who has to create and maintain a number of websites over the year, the Studio version will be the most suitable for you. You can get this subscription for a minimum and an extremely affordable rate of $99 for a year. 

However, there is another deal called the Lifetime Subscription. This deal makes you an investor in the Brizy Builder in which you get access to all the tools and unlimited websites and get a better version with time and updates.

The cost of this subscription option is on the higher end ($299), but this will take away all your worry in the future as well because the updates that they make will naturally come to you with no extra headache of payment of bills, increase in the subscription amount and other related concerns.

Note: Brizy offers a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee on every purchase, so if you don’t like Brizy Pro for any reason, you can simply get a full refund.

Pros Of Brizy

The Brizy Builder and the Brizy Pro Builder are comparatively new in the market of WordPress page builders. Below listed are a few pros of Brizy Builder…

  1. It has a lightweight, intuitive interface that helps the user to build a webpage as smoothly as possible.
  1. The Brizy Builder is very easy to use. Its user-friendliness is enhanced by the advanced features that accommodate all the needs of the creator.
  1. Brizy Builder is equipped with the complete set of features that you will need to build websites for your business. Most of the features are in-built, and some need to be downloaded, which is also a simple and hassle-free process. 
  1. The Brizy builder does not restrict you to stick to a theme. A wide variety of themes are available, and you can customize it in your own way. 
  1. It is very difficult to find the features that Brizy builder offers even without the Pro. In most other builders, the general version has a very limited set of features. 

Cons Of Brizy

Brizy Builder is emerging to be one of the best page builders in the market. However, there are some limitations that it has, and they are listed below…

  1. The pop-up builder is a salient feature of the Brizy builder. But the pop-ups created can only work on pages that are Brizy powered. 
  1. Neither the Brizy Builder nor the Pro version is able to support add-ons, which are used by users to customize the web page.
  1. The Header Footer feature that is provided in the Pro version is not enabled to a display unit. So it can become difficult and confusing to work with this tool. 

Conclusion — Brizy Builder Review

The Brizy Builder is a page builder for WordPress that offers a diverse set of tools and supports that is often unavailable in other such platforms. 

Since its introduction to the market, it has catered to thousands of people who have used it. Although there are some limitations that come along with the system, user reviews say that the team of Brizy Builder is working on updates and aim to develop to the needs of the users in no time. 

Now that you have all the information about the Brizy Builder, we hope you find it easier to deal with the builder to create a website for your needs.   


Saksham Kumar

Designer, WordPress developer, and Marketer @ WPEssentials. Saksham creates and designs all the WPEssentials templates and writes on WordPress-related products. He also works as a freelancer and loves to help individuals, blogs, and brands establish their businesses online.

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