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22 Stunning Nonprofit Website Examples for Inspiration

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If you are running a nonprofit organization then you surely might know that its success or failure depends on your communication skills and the way you want to build your audience. 

For a long time, the world wide web or the internet has played a major role in bringing out any updates or information. Keeping all of these in mind, we have created a list of nonprofit website examples that will inspire you and provide you with tips and tricks.

1. Greenbelt, Essex County’s Land Trust

Nonprofit Website Examples To Inspire

Greenbelt’s work includes the protection of native plants, animals and natural corridors, and surety of both healthy food and water supply in 34 cities and towns of Essex County, in Massachusetts. Morweb, a nonprofit CMS platform was used to design this website. 

Greenbelt looks very professional in terms of presentation and also navigation. But they have put an extra effort to inform visitors about what they do and how to get involved with them. The neat and beautiful design does create an impact!

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2. Student Conservation Association

Examples of nonprofit websites to inspire for web design projects

The SCA strives to deploy more young people and helps to make them leaders in conservation and restoration of marine sanctuaries, national parks and other green spaces across the USA. Their website offers a superior understanding of the organization’s mission while giving more opportunities to conduct deep research simultaneously. 

This design also complements the body’s achieving tendencies, and they could have accomplished this only with the help of Cornershop Creative which gives the visitors a top-notch user experience, whenever they are on this website.

Made With: Drupal

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3. The End Fund 

A nonprofit organization, The End Fund, with the help of philanthropists and activists, raise funds to treat remote communities affected with neglected tropical diseases (NTD).  A skilled team at Cornershop Creative designed the website and it rightly goes with its overall cause of bringing people together to fight diseases. 

Individuals handling the website are spread all over the world to organise engaging activities in order to raise awareness and also funds. The website provides all the engagement opportunities very clearly so that there isn’t any confusion.

Made With: WordPress

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4. Memphis Zoo

The Memphis zoo is not only just a home for animals, but it also takes an active part in other animal-related pursuits like protecting endangered species and conducting research. 

The website was created by a digital agency called Speak, specialised in movements in designing. At once after landing your eye on the website, you would immediately be drawn in by full-scale visuals of the zoo inmates and other related exhibits. There’s just a ‘no more’ button, ‘discover your Memphis Zoo’ button and their logo in the home page. 

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5. Rhode Island School of Design 

The Rhode Island School of Design, situated in Providence, is one of the oldest and most prominent design schools in the US. They have made their website both personal and visually, vividly impactful by using full-screen images of their students and staff. 

From the moment they land on the website, visitors know the name of the university. Their dashboard is rather very user-friendly. Minimal navigation systems that illustrate their main pages are all they have provided.

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6. We Heart Trees

The group campaigns for more trees to be planted, paper to be saved and recycled, and any other step people could take to be nicer to trees. 

The website’s sheer innovation and interactivity make it one of the most interesting and unforgettable nonprofit websites out there. It grabs your attention right away! Taking their dashboard as an example, the organization offers an Arbor Day Quiz, instead of opting for a conventional design and content approach.

Made With: WordPress

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7. The Malala Fund

Girls all over the world, reaching their full potential through higher education is the sole aim of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist.  The website was internally designed by someone who is from the organization. It is absolutely beautiful, matching all aesthetical standards.

With the crisp design along with an empowered colour scheme, the site is quite a sight. The website engages the visitors thoroughly with many photographs, testaments and videos. A personal touch, evident in the website makes the entire cause look very impactful and emotional! 

Made With: Squarespace

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8. To Write Love On Her Arms 

TWLOHA is like a forum for all those who are suffering from mental health issues. The ‘learn’ button explains the journey of the team in a user-friendly format, bringing out the story behind the entire organization to the forefront.

It is also a plus point that these websites often allow blogs to be published by people all over the world, sharing their troubled times with everyone. The structure of the site and the strategy of content production goes very well with the idea of the community mindset.

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9. I Had Cancer 

An entire support system for all those who have been fighting or has survived cancer, I Had Cancer is a common space for all the brave-hearts and their well-wishers. 

This website was designed by Squeaky Wheel Media. The maroon and white on the site really catch your eye, along with the happy faces of all the survivors! Visitors would come across snippets and letters written by survivors, to cancer. This helps them indulge and find a safe space for themselves when in need. 

Made With: Drupal

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10. Abundant Living Faith Center 

ALFC is a non-denominational church located in El Paso, Texas. ALFC was designed by someone who’s an internal member of the organization. 

The main attraction of this website is the fact that it is thoroughly designed to answer all your questions and queries. All the sermons are live-streamed weekly and later stored in their archives. You can attend those services, without leaving your house, taking God worship beyond the four walls of the church. 

Made With: WordPress

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11. Team Rubicon 

With dual missions of providing a larger sense of worth and responsibility to veterans and also reaching out to those in dire need Team, Rubicon is the best in disaster management. The website was built in-house by one of the organization’s internal members. 

Although the look of the website is excellent in a computer, the amount of thought given to the mobile version view is remarkable. The view in a smartphone is that of a very user-friendly dashboard, with all the options right before you. 

Made With: WordPress

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12. Human Rights Watch 

HRW is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate more and more people about human rights and injustices. The HRW’s website is skilfully designed to easily navigate its visitors to the content that they are looking for! 

Once you are on their website, you have the opportunity to view contents in the form of news articles, videos, photo-stories or even scan through important tweets, hence making the site all-inclusive and full of information related to its cause – human rights. 

Made With: Drupal

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13. Acumen

As the organisation itself suggests, Acumen wants to change how the world deals with the entire issue of poverty. It rightly reflects this motto on its website.

The ‘A’ in the Acumen logo is slanting in a way which makes the design look as if it’s tying the website together, giving off the vibe of a community feeling. The website offers an easy navigation menu and precise impact pages, keeping everything simple and easy.

Made With: WordPress

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14. Upstream 

Upstream is an organization that looks after the empowerment of a community with the help of local change-makers. Their aim is to inspire viewers of the website to join in the same cause.

It’s like a journey, experiencing colours and designs that would hook you to the screen. The website is interactive and has action buttons that would help you explore more, the moment something catches your attention. The homepage also rightly represents what their organizational motto is.

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15. Children International

Children belonging to the third world communities need financial support to come out of acute poverty. Children International creates sponsorship opportunities for them and the use of its website for this matter is commendable.

Viewers would directly be able to see the face of the child for whom they are helping. From visuals, snippets to inspiring stories, the website surely makes one feel the importance of the act of donating.

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is an organization that runs for providing safe spaces to animals in need.

The website is clearly filled with details of the various programmes that the organization runs. Starting from donation drives, to adoption calls and rescue missions, ASPCA is a conglomeration of education and action and this shows on their website, where no one can ignore the cause!

Made With: Drupal

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17. Wildlife Conservation Society

The WCS means only one thing, and that is Wildlife. Land yourself on their site and you would be amazed to get a core feeling of wildlife right from your screen.

Take a tour of the site from the homepage and you would be able to discover more about their aim and how they work. The sidebar menu offers smooth navigation where you could also visit their extended library. The natural colour scheme and sophisticated design wrap you around their organization.

Made With: Drupal

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18. Humane Society

The site does exactly what you think it does – teaches human beings to contribute to a humane society!

They have utilised all necessary pages to design their website, and it’s well planned with all useful information along with an introductory video. With just a click, you will have the option to donate towards helping to stop animal cruelty and the site surely will leave a lasting impact on you.

Made With: Drupal

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19. International Rescue Committee

It is difficult to put all of the work that is happening throughout the world to fight the humanitarian crisis, into one website, but this is what IRC is best at.

The site leaves no question unattended throughout the breadth of their work. Excellent branding, strong and powerful images and professionalism make IRC provide viewers with trust and impact. The viewers will surely connect to the cause of IRC, once on their website.

Made With: Drupal

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20. Special Olympics

The website of this organization is all about what they believe in – celebration. What can be more beautiful than the celebration of the specially-abled athletes in the Special Olympics?

You will be warmly welcomed in the site and be introduced to their biggest mission – revolution is inclusion, where you can educate yourself about Special Olympic games. The life-changing stories from the players will leave any visitor moved.

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21. MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has become a world icon lately thanks to the organization housing the world’s best artefacts and treasures.

The branding of the website is quite simple where only a red header and footer is used. The rest of the talking is done by the Art itself. The ‘plan your visit’ option lets you read more about how a day at MET could be like. A mix of modern and classic elements is a key component of this website.

Made With: Brightspot

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22. Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo website has a very clear goal of spreading awareness about supporting and visiting the zoo, with homepage details about the zoo timings, location and ‘new at the zoo’ exhibits.

Giving some more time to the website will take you to the core process of how the zoo inhabitants are cared for and the natural impact of things. Nature oriented graphics and highlighted images of animals really make your experience on the site unforgettably impactful. 

Made With: Siteimprove

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For your nonprofits to click in the right manner, you would definitely need the help of the internet to reach out to a wider audience, because that matters the most – the extent of the audience you can connect to! 

Content that matches your cause, the aesthetic value of your designed website, a good platform to launch your website, and maintaining quality with the quick response is roughly all that you need to set out with your nonprofit website.


Saksham Kumar

Designer, WordPress developer, and Marketer @ WPEssentials. Saksham creates and designs all the WPEssentials templates and writes on WordPress-related products. He also works as a freelancer and loves to help individuals, blogs, and brands establish their businesses online.

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